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Pastor Michael Pearson's story is one of power. Coming from a background of drug dealers, thieves, Iiars, alcohol abusers, prison inmates and a few other categories, it was easy for Michael to replicate destructive behavior. With no father around, who had 14 kids to 8 different women, guidance was no where to be found. 


However, at the age of 17 while incarcerated, Michael had a divine encounter with God where he heard Him say, "Change now or spend the rest of your life in prison!" As Michael was nearing 18, he should have been transferred to an adult prison but instead was given a leadership role. As new juvenile inmates arrived, he was given the opportunity to mentor them. Following his release, his goal was to obey the law and stay out of trouble, but the influence of his family weighed on him. It wasn't until Michael met his future wife, Janet and saw her unwavering faith and favor with God. Michael decided

to surrender everything to Jesus. As a result, God opened many doors, including graduating from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology with honors. 

Very early on, Janet knew her husband was called to be a pastor. Together, they served in children's ministry for 14 years, led Bible studies for 11 years and led marriage ministries for 7 years. As they both began to serve children, men and women, they've seen the importance of family being the emphasis in the church. 

Eventually, God would speak to Michael in a dream about starting a church in Baltimore. Later this would be confirmed by their son Silas and their Pastor, Phil Hernandez.

Today, the Pearsons celebrate 17 years of marriage and have four amazing children: Kalif (23) a recent college grad, Kamryn (16) junior in High school, Silas (11) 5th grade, and Jake (10) 4th grade.

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