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Re-Engage is a 16 week marriage journey.  By week #2, couples are challenged to draw a circle around themselves and work on everyone INSIDE the circle. 
Every week we have a “20 minute teaching” covering a variety of topics that affect marriage; communication, parenting, finances, in-laws, tithing…you name it, we cover it! Immediately following the teaching, we dive into our “homework.”  These are short, weekly lessons the couples complete at home in their workbook.  
Our weekly group meeting is a time to review, connect and share with one another. In order for a high level of trust to be built, Re-Engage operates as a “closed group.”  That means, no other couples can be added to the group after we start. The beauty of honoring the “closed group rule” is the genuine friendships that develop between families!  We have witnessed Re-Engage groups turn into thriving life-groups that impact the church in a positive way! 
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